I would love to take my students on a trip, but I am not sure what our plans for the year will be. Can I apply now and fill in the details later?

Unfortunately, in order to ensure we can fund as many students as possible, and to ensure approved trips meet the Trip Selection Criteria outlined on our Applications Page, we require details of your trip in order to approve. Once you have determined the nature and location of your trip, please complete an application in our Application System. We will be happy to review your request.

I have applied for a trip later in the school year. When will I hear from Daytrippers?

We will try to review all trip requests as soon as we can; however, we commit to reviewing all trips by the appropriate Approval Deadline.

Is there a way for me to confirm the status of my application?

Absolutely! You can confirm the status of your application by logging into your account in our online Application System.

I made a mistake on my application and I need to make a change. Who can I contact about this?

With our new application system, you can now log into your account and amend your application.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

An automated email will be sent to the email used in the application confirming the approval or rejection of the application. Please check your spam or junk mailboxes as the email may end up there.

My trip has been approved. Why can't I receive the money upfront?

As a result of CRA regulations, we provide a reimbursement for trips already completed and paid for. While we will adhere to the Payments Mailed deadlines outlined on our Application Timelines Page, we will work as quickly as possible to process your reimbursement.

My trip request was approved, but I would like to use the money for something else. Can I simply apply the funding to another trip and submit my receipts for that trip instead?

As we review all trip requests against our Trip Selection Criteria outlined on our Teacher Application Page, funding for one trip cannot be applied to another trip. If you would like to submit another application, and omit your first request, please log into your account and make the appropriate changes in our Application System.

I have an invoice for my trip. Will this be sufficient for me to receive a reimbursement?

Unfortunately, Daytrippers cannot accept invoices in order to process a reimbursement. We require proof of payment, including receipts, or invoices marked "PAID" by the organization. EXCEPTION: We will process invoices for school busses used for transportation purposes, where these busses are paid up front on the master school account. Please ensure your account number is noted on the Invoice in order to receive reimbursement.

Can I mail in my receipts once my trip has taken place?

Daytrippers is a virtual, volunteer-based organization. And as such, we do not have a formal office, and cannot accept hard copies of receipts. Please scan all receipts for your trip and send them to us at [email protected]

I have some detailed questions and would like to speak to someone. Is there a phone number for me to contact someone at Daytrippers?

Daytrippers is a volunteer-led organization. Unfortunately, all committee members are employed during business hours, and are unable to accept phone calls. Please contact a member of our Trips Committee at [email protected], and one of our team members will respond to your within 7 business days.

If your question has not been answered here, or your would like to share feedback, please contact us at [email protected], noting the following:

  • The name of your school
  • The details of your trip; and
  • The date of your application (if applicable)

We will respond to your inquiry within 7 business days.
Please note that the only email address that is monitored is [email protected]
Please do not send any questions, receipts, or other information to any other Daytrippers email addresses - as they are not monitored.