Daytrippers Children’s Charity is run completely by our team of hardworking volunteers. The following is the process they follow for each individual trip submitted through our portal:
  1. Applicants will navigate to the Daytrippers Application Portal and submit their application for funding. a. Applications must include the need for funding, the cost of the trip, and the trip’s educational purpose.
  2. Submitted applications are reviewed by the Trips team, and the application is approved or denied, depending on whether or not the trip meets our application criteria.
  3. If the application is approved, the teacher and their students will participate in a fun and educational trip that would have otherwise not been possible!
  4. After the trip, the applicant will submit their paid receipts and invoices through their application on the portal.
  5. Receipts are reviewed and approved by the Trips team once uploaded.
  6. Approved receipts will have a reimbursement cheque sent to the school according to our timelines.