Great things happen when like-minded people rally around a great cause – at Daytrippers, we're no exception. Experiential learning is such an effective teaching tool, but not everyone can afford it. 

At Daytrippers, we raise funds for trips for grade 1-8 students in lower-income and far-reaching areas so they can experience nationally recognized educational and cultural institutions.

We started in 2000, when a few young Toronto-based professionals decided to make a difference for kids in their local communities and across Canada. We're a registered charity (BN#88489 6929 RR0001) fuelled almost 100% by volunteers based in Ontario, supporting students all across Canada!

What We Do

OUR VISION: Champion experiences for Canadian children that build confidence, curiosity, and bright futures.

OUR MISSION: Fund experiential learning opportunities for in-need children in Canada.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to visit unique places of learning: from museums to art galleries to conservation areas and beyond. Every child deserves the right to learn about the world outside their classroom but not every school can afford to fund these trips.

We work with teachers and our partners to open doors and provide opportunities for children to unlock their full-potential by learning through experiences on school trips that children will remember for a lifetime.

Our Core Values

At Daytrippers Children's Charity, we align our efforts to achieve our vision and mission by focusing on our core values.

Experiential Learning

We believe every student should have the opportunity to visit unique places of learning: from museums to parks and beyond

Removing Barriers

Financial and geographical barriers can limit access to educational and cultural experiences. We are focused on eliminating those barriers through funding and alternative solutions to experiential learning.

Enriching lives

We are not only passionate about our vision and mission, but also about supporting the objectives of teachers, donors, communities and volunteers.

Our Model

As a non-profit, we raise charitable donations that allow us to fund educational experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment. We rely on a mix of corporate and personal donations, secured through annual fundraising and sponsorships. We look to align our areas of focus to those populations most in need of financial support and seek to educate on opportunities within their local footprints.

Here’s how our trip funding process works based on our criteria and timelines: