Application Criteria

Daytrippers is excited to support the many teachers and students across Canada who have identified a need for funding. 

Our Trips Selection Criteria includes the following six principles:

  1. Applications must be for a public Canadian school and classes must be grades K-8. Daytrippers does not fund high school or private school trips.
  2. All trip reimbursement requests, including in-class, virtual, or off-site experiences, must be expressed in Canadian currency. Should your trip supplier charge in a foreign currency, please ensure that all receipts/invoices include the Canadian dollar equivalent paid.
  3. Schools must clearly demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  4. Trip requests must align with ministry curriculum. When unclear, a member of our team may seek clarification from you.
  5. The amount requested must not exceed $25/child to a maximum of $1500 CAD per application.
  6. Daytrippers reserves the right to adjudicate all applications at its sole discretion, notwithstanding the above criteria.

Please note: All reimbursements will be issued to the School - Daytrippers is unable to issue reimbursements to personal accounts. In the event that a Teacher/Applicant has paid for a trip with their personal accounts or credit cards, it is the School's responsibility to reimburse the Teacher/Applicant prior to or upon receiving reimbursement from Daytrippers.

Application Timelines

You can apply for trips any time during the school year, however, depending on when we receive your proof of payment, our reimbursement timelines are divided into five distinct sessions. Refer to the examples below:

If you submit your proof of payment/paid receipts by this date…We plan* to mail your reimbursement by…
Session 1November 15, 2022**December 7, 2022
Session 2January 15, 2023**February 7, 2023
Session 3March 15, 2023**April 7, 2023
Session 4May 15, 2023**June 7, 2023
Session 5June 19, 2023***June 30, 2023

* While we aim to meet these deadlines, we’re volunteer run so can’t always guarantee it. We appreciate your understanding in advance!

** Receipts received after this date will be processed by the next applicable session date.

*** Receipts received after this date will be processed at the beginning of the following school year in order to ensure schools receive their cheques directly.


Before submitting an application, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. This will ensure your application is reviewed as quickly as possible!

Start Application

Once you have reviewed the dates and FAQs, please submit your request to Daytrippers! We will review your application per our stated timelines.

Still Have Questions?

We're happy to help if you have additional questions or need assistance regarding your application.