Happy Holidays from the Daytrippers Team

Daytripper 2015
With the holiday break and 2016 just around the corner, Daytrippers would like to take the opportunity to thank all our volunteers and donors for a wonderful year. It is through your continued support that we are able to help send school groups in lower-income and far-reaching areas on academic and cultural school trips. In 2015 we showcased how Daytrippers makes an impact in our blog. Our goal for 2016 is to continue to communicate this message, but also show you why we, at Daytrippers, are so passionate about this charity and it’s purpose. You can look forward to many more trips next year along with some personal messages from our executive team.

Happy holidays,

Daytrippers in action

Want to see what Daytrippers is all about? Watch our video now to see what types of trips get funded, how students benefit from daytrips and why funding is important.





No more pencils, no more books.

Daytrippers Inforgraphic

It’s summertime which means another school year has come and gone. This past year was a busy one for Daytrippers; we worked with 70 different schools from 4 different provinces across Canada to fund a variety of educational trips. Thanks to our generous donors we were able to assist in sending over 10,000 students from schools in low income and/or rural areas, unable to raise the funds needed through bake sales and pizza lunches, on daytrips to enhance their learning. This past year Daytrippers sent students from kindergarten to Grade 8 on 184 day trips across the country. From aquariums, to science centres, to mines, to medieval times, the donations Daytrippers received helped send students to a variety of amazing destinations. Take a look at some of the student Thank Yous.



Daytrippers Thank you


And the winner is ______!

May 7th contenders gathered from throughout the GTA to compete in Daytrippers 2015 Battle of the Brains. Dressed to impress, and to strategically distract their opponents, our 20 teams of 10 fought tooth and neck for the highly sought after battle cup.


But lets be honest, that’s not the only reason they turned out to this event.

  1. Great people, venue and atmosphere
  2. Amazing food and drink
  3. Ability to show off their wits and potentially win the battle cup


Yes, all the above are true BUT the main reason people turn out for this event year after year is because it allows them to support an amazing cause and make a real impact in a child’s life.



Like the students from Mallard Middle School in British Colombia who traveled to the Stave Lake Power House this past March to learn about electricity. 

Picture 7



This year funding from Daytrippers helped send many school groups on trips to recognized educational institutions, trips they would not have been able to take without financial assistance.


Thank you for the opportunity my class had to go on a field trip to our local hydro dam. We had a great time learning about electricity and making some valuable connections as a class…Thank you again for such great opportunity!”

-Michelle Lange (Mallard Middle School Teacher)


So really everyone involved with Daytrippers is a winner (even though Capitol One did walk away with the Battle Cup).

It’s crunch time, well brain crunch time…

In my last post I mentioned that Daytrippers is funded by sponsors. Once a year we celebrate our sponsors by bringing them back to their roots, allowing them to relive their elementary and middle school days by having them showcase their knowledge, brain-power and wit in a head to head battle.

Battle of the Brains 2015

On May 7th Daytrippers will be hosting our annual Battle of the Brains where teams of 10 will compete against each other in a jeopardy-like trivia elimination game, to determine which will walk away the Battle Cup winner. BUT at our event everyone walks away a winner, in addition to showing off your brain power, and helping to educate and broaden the horizons of thousands of children from underprivileged schools, we host a celebratory after-party.

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete? Check out our Battle of the Brains and After-Party event pages for more information or contact Daytrippers.

All your burning questions finally answered

Daytrippers Team 2014

Ever since Daytrippers was founded in 2000, people have been asking us questions. And though we’ve gotten a couple of unique, complex ones over the years, typically we get asked the same questions like:


What is Daytrippers?

We’re a non-profit children’s charity based out of the Toronto (aka. Tdot aka. TO aka. The Six) run entirely on the support of volunteers.


That’s very interesting, but what exactly do you do?

We raise funds for school trips! Specifically we raise money for school groups across Canada who operate in more remote areas or areas of lower-income so that they go on trips to recognized Canadian educational and cultural institutions.



In a nutshell we believe that every student should have the opportunity to visit unique places of learning: from museums to art galleries to conservation areas and beyond. Every child deserves the right to learn about the world outside their classroom.


Ok. But how do you fund these trips?

With the help of sponsors! Over the past 14 years Daytrippers Children’s Charity has raised more than $1.4 million and sent more than 140,000 students on unique educational trips thanks to generous donations from individuals and organizations.


Got anymore questions about Daytrippers Children’s Charity? Still don’t know what we’re all about? Feel free to shoot us an email, visit our website or attend an upcoming event.