And the winner is ______!

May 7th contenders gathered from throughout the GTA to compete in Daytrippers 2015 Battle of the Brains. Dressed to impress, and to strategically distract their opponents, our 20 teams of 10 fought tooth and neck for the highly sought after battle cup.


But lets be honest, that’s not the only reason they turned out to this event.

  1. Great people, venue and atmosphere
  2. Amazing food and drink
  3. Ability to show off their wits and potentially win the battle cup


Yes, all the above are true BUT the main reason people turn out for this event year after year is because it allows them to support an amazing cause and make a real impact in a child’s life.



Like the students from Mallard Middle School in British Colombia who traveled to the Stave Lake Power House this past March to learn about electricity. 

Picture 7



This year funding from Daytrippers helped send many school groups on trips to recognized educational institutions, trips they would not have been able to take without financial assistance.


Thank you for the opportunity my class had to go on a field trip to our local hydro dam. We had a great time learning about electricity and making some valuable connections as a class…Thank you again for such great opportunity!”

-Michelle Lange (Mallard Middle School Teacher)


So really everyone involved with Daytrippers is a winner (even though Capitol One did walk away with the Battle Cup).

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