All your burning questions finally answered

Daytrippers Team 2014

Ever since Daytrippers was founded in 2000, people have been asking us questions. And though we’ve gotten a couple of unique, complex ones over the years, typically we get asked the same questions like:


What is Daytrippers?

We’re a non-profit children’s charity based out of the Toronto (aka. Tdot aka. TO aka. The Six) run entirely on the support of volunteers.


That’s very interesting, but what exactly do you do?

We raise funds for school trips! Specifically we raise money for school groups across Canada who operate in more remote areas or areas of lower-income so that they go on trips to recognized Canadian educational and cultural institutions.



In a nutshell we believe that every student should have the opportunity to visit unique places of learning: from museums to art galleries to conservation areas and beyond. Every child deserves the right to learn about the world outside their classroom.


Ok. But how do you fund these trips?

With the help of sponsors! Over the past 14 years Daytrippers Children’s Charity has raised more than $1.4 million and sent more than 140,000 students on unique educational trips thanks to generous donations from individuals and organizations.


Got anymore questions about Daytrippers Children’s Charity? Still don’t know what we’re all about? Feel free to shoot us an email, visit our website or attend an upcoming event.


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