Why are school trips important?

Remember the excitement of a school trip?

At a young age, children benefit tremendously from multi dimensional experiences that are provided through class trips and field days. Sharing, communication, confidence, leadership, respect for self, and respect for others are all traits that are seen in healthy individuals. These are traits children build on school trips.

However, many children do not experience school trips.

Children from lower-income families are three times less likely to participate in extracurricular learning opportunities than children from high-income families due to cost barriers.

These cost barriers can also have a psychological impact as well: a child left behind means a child not only misses the social bonding experience of a trip but may also be ostracized for not being able to participate.

These cost barriers often prevent underprivileged children from ever leaving their neighbourhood.

A parent who cannot afford a nominal fee for their child’s school trip can rarely afford to travel with their child outside of school. Thousands of children across Ontario are growing up knowing nothing beyond their local neighbourhood. Tragically, these lower-income neighbourhoods often offer youngsters only limited growth opportunities – but plenty of dangerous influences.

This is where Daytrippers steps in…

What is Daytrippers Children’s Charity?

Daytrippers is a non-profit children’s charity formed in Toronto by a group of young professionals wanting to give back to the community. We raise funds for trips to recognized educational and cultural institutions for school groups in lower-income and far-reaching areas.

Why? We believe that every student should have the opportunity to visit unique places of learning: from museums to art galleries to conservation areas and beyond. Children deserve the right to learn about the world outside their classroom.

With Daytrippers’ support, students get an educational and fun experience that they will remember for a lifetime.