What We Do

  • Daytrippers is a non-profit children’s charity formed in Toronto by a group of young professionals wanting to give back to the community.
  • We raise funds for trips to recognized educational and cultural institutions for school groups in lower-income and far-reaching areas.
  • We target students in Grades 1 to 8: these students are old enough to benefit from school trips, but young enough to require both staffing and financial assistance.
  • We assist students in need from school boards across Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alberta and P.E.I.

Quick Facts

  • Daytrippers was founded in 2000.
  • Daytrippers has sent more than 100,000 students on unique educational trips.
  • Daytrippers is staffed entirely by volunteers – we pay no salaries.
  • Approximately 97 cents out of every dollar raised goes directly to funding school trips.
  • Daytrippers is a registered charitable organization: BN#88489 6929 RR0001.

Why are school trips important?